I watch too much TV, part 1 [shows 11-15]

I will fully admit it – I watch too much TV. I do try and watch while I’m doing other things, like cooking or cleaning, but I’m not ashamed to say I like to be entertained.  I’d think about a job as a TV blogger / writer, but that would turn TV into work, and much like reading for English class, I’d pretty much hate it.   Although, if I were as funny as Retta, I could handle tweeting while I watch my shows – her TV tweeting is one of the funniest things ever, and I highly recommend you all follow her.

I decided I would share my top 15 shows that are currently on right now.  This means this won’t include shows like The Newsroom, or Sherlock, which are on hiatus right now.  Maybe I’ll pick those up another time.  So, without further ado, here are numbers 10 through 15 (in reverse order, of course):

15. How I Met Your Mother

This used to be the funniest sitcom on TV, hands down.  It’s unfortunately run its course and is played out; even the fantastic Barney Stinston character has lost quite a bit of his shine.  I think that the writers made a mistake in prolonging the introduction of the mother until the last season instead of introducing her a little earlier and letting us see how the courtship played out.  Plus, I still think Victoria was perfect for Ted and am disappointed he didn’t end up with her.  That being said, this last season is a crazy plot device; the entire 7th season is set in the 52 hours of Robin and Barney’s wedding.  I was prepared to hate it, but it’s actually not terrible, and I do like Marshpillow 2.0.

14. White Collar

Matt Bowmer.  Need I say more?  While his character Neal has a weird affinity for fedora hats that I can’t quite understand, the show works well, and the writing is good.  Willie Garson steals every scene he is in as Neal’s lovable and slightly paranoid partner-in-crime, Mozzie.  Bowmer and Tim DeKay have a great chemistry, and Tim plays a great straight man in FBI agent Peter Burke.  I unashamedly love movies like National Treasure, and this show has similar plots and twists.

13. Chicago Fire

Hot Firefighters.  Yes, I’m shallow.  I also love watching the scenes set outside in Chicago, and the writing is pretty decent.  It’s also got a mix of actors I like from other shows I’ve watched, such as Monica Raymund from Lie to Me.  Although, can someone please tell me, who goes running these days without a phone? The last episode was just too much for me to really suspend my disbelief.   Also, I’d love to shadow a firefighter / EMT around for a day just to see what it’s really like.

12. Elementary

Johnny Lee Miller is outstanding as Sherlock in this series, and Lucy Liu is quite likable as Watson. It’s a different take on the Watson / Holmes relationship, and while I didn’t believe the show runners when they said that they weren’t going to write in any sexual tension between the two, they have actually done it.  It’s quite refreshing to see this actual partnership grow through the season.   Aidan Quinn stars as Captain Gregson, and I’ve liked him since his turn in Suddenly Susan.   This show also wins the award for best opening title sequence.  I could watch it in its entirety every time I watch the episode.

11. Castle

This show boasts the best Bromance currently on TV: Ryan & Esposito.  They may even be one of my favorite bros ever, with their sharp witted, funny banter.  This show used to be higher on the list, but this season really has struggled.  I wasn’t fond of the Beckett Goes to DC portion of the show; it seemed too contrived to bring the other characters in, and took away from the Ryan and Espo time!  Now that they’ve brought everyone back in a highly deus ex machina [I paid some attention in English!] way, maybe things will pick back up.  Episode 5, Time will Tell, was one of my favorite shows of the whole 6 seasons, starring Joshua Gomez (Morgan from Chuck) as “a suspect who claims he’s traveled back in time to stop terrible events from unfolding, events that will change the course of human history.”  Oh, yeah, and Nathan Fillion’s not bad to look at, either.

I’ll continue with shows 6 through 10 tomorrow.


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