I’m doing a half marathon!

I’m walking it – because to be honest, I think running is for suckers.  Okay, I’m mostly kidding about that, running friends – mostly.  But it’s definitely not for me.

However, I was perusing Target one day, in the fitness section looking at yoga mats and saw this fitbook in the store and ended up purchasing it.  I’d been having trouble tracking my food regularly, and thought having a paper version might help. 1 The basis of this book, is that it is a 12 week (one quarter of a year, almost) system.  You put together your goals and your fitness plan for 12 weeks, and track it every day and every week to completion.

I was then on the hunt for a 12 week fitness program.  I have done several 5ks and I like the races, so I first looked at Hal Higdon’s 5k walking training program, but that was only 8 weeks long. Unacceptable. Then, I noticed his half marathon walking training program, which was exactly 12 weeks!  Perfect – sign me up!

The next day, I calculated when 12 weeks from Monday (the start of the training) was: August 3rd.  I then searched the interwebs to see if there was a half marathon that weekend.  Turns out, there is a Biggest Loser run/walk half marathon and the course time limit is 5 hours.  I’m not really a big fan of the Biggest Loser, because I think it’s a totally unhealthy program, but all the other half marathons around then were 3.5 hour course limits and so off I went to sign up for this one.

I’m in week 9, and completed an 8 mile walk last Sunday.  Other than walking to Bong State Rec Area when I was a camp counselor, I don’t think I’ve walked that long consistently at one time.  But it helps when the view looks like this:

2014-06-29 07.43.09


So, this week, 3 more weeks and then half marathon here I come!



1 It didn’t really help, by the way – I used it for a while, but the shine has worn off.  But, it got me motivated to do this plan, so it’s $20 well spent!


5 Responses

  1. You can do it!

  2. H, I am so incredibly proud of you and inspired by you!

  3. Wow, go you! That view looks amazing :)

  4. It definitely helps to have a beautiful view as you’re exercising; I’m a little jealous! Good luck with your half-marathon!

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