Pitch Perfect: Nerd Jocks Rule!


I could watch Pitch Perfect once a week every week for, well, basically ever.  My friend Paul hadn’t watched this yet, so after an early dinner, he stopped by and I handcuffed him to the sofa (slight exaggeration) and made him watch it.

I’d mentioned before that this was a Classic Not-a-Sport Sports Movie (go ahead, read that article and come back), and he still didn’t watch it on his own!   What I should have told him was that there was not one, but TWO instances of projectile vomiting, and a girl on girl nude (ish) shower scene…

I love this movie for it’s non-sports sports-ness, and for the fact that it actually showcases women being funny and trying to work together instead of some of the sidekicks or sexpots we tend to usually see.  This movie actually passes the Bechdel Test. And, like Bridesmaids, these women aren’t afraid to get the dirty funny jokes.  And Rebel Wilson is basically one of my heroes – but that’s a story for another post.

I also love the behind the scenes scoop – so really enjoyed this “Pitch Perfect Boot Camp” which details the process the crew took to make these actors into acapella singers and dancers.  It’s 11 min long, but aca-seriously worth your time.

I laugh at pretty much the whole thing, but just perusing these quotes from the movie makes me giggle a little inside.

Have you watched Pitch Perfect? What are your thoughts on the best nerd jock movie for the modern time?


2 Responses

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