Whole30 #2

I’ve decided that it’s time to do another Whole30, and will be starting it on September 3rd, the day after labor day. The last month has been filled with a lot of travel and not totally healthy eating.  I’m actually likely going to do a Whole60, as I’m stubborn and slow when it comes to getting my eating straight. I’m heading out of town for a trip to the beach house, so this is going to be a little rough start, but luckily this isn’t my first time around.

I’ve learned several things from my last go around that should hopefully make things easier on this next 30 (or 60) days:

  1. Sit down on Friday or Saturday and plan your meals for a week
    • The internet is fun! Search for “paleo” plus anything you have in your fridge for ideas
    • Pull out your cook books – you can modify a lot of your non-Paleo recipes pretty easily.
  2. Do a weekly cookup where you chop and cook most of the things you’re going to need in your week’s recipes.
  3. Don’t cook a fancy recipe every night; make things easy on yourself.  Learn to become a big fan of the hot plate.
  4. Love your leftovers, and freeze a bunch so you can have a variety of quick meals and avoid same-meal-syndrome.

If I do it right, I can have a variety of meals, without too much trouble.  Easy peasy.