It’s finally here…

It’s been a full day today, meeting, then book club brunch, then a much needed nap, then a friends birthday dinner, and then Dr. Who!

I miss David Tennant as the Doctor.

And with that – it’s already late and I’m off to bed!


I watch too much TV, part 3, shows 1-5

tv shows 1-5 smallShows 11-15, Shows 6-10

5. Nashville

I gave up on Glee a while ago, and Smash’s writing just wasn’t good enough to sustain itself past one season, but I have a soft spot for soap opera musicals.  Nashville delivers, and I do look forward to watching it each week.  And who can’t love watching Connie Britton’s hair?  The writers have even reduced Rayna’s father’s involvement in the show; as much as Powers Boothe is a good actor, his character’s interaction was the lowlight of a delightfully soapy show.

4. Scandal

I can’t even put into words why this show is so amazing.  I think the fact that the first season was only 7 episodes long had a lot to do with it. Each episode was written like a season finale: action packed, sitting at the edge of your seat, and at least three “Oh my God!” utterations per episode.  Season 2 was very similar: although it was 22 episodes, it was only picked up for 13 and then a back 9.  The writers basically wrote 2 seasons within one: one arc for the first 13 and one for the back nine.  Again, it was still fast paced and shocking.  And while some characters may be more “bad” than good, the writers are very faithful to the point that everyone is human and has good, or bad, in them.

And if you were wondering, I’m Team Jake; I was Team Noel in the Felicity days, so my love of Scott Foley probably has something to do with this.

3. The Good Wife

Shows that get moved to Sunday tend to suffer due to football overrun; the shows rarely start on time because the game always runs over.  You’d think the networks would have this figured out by now, but alas.  In any case, I’ve been fond of The Good Wife for several seasons, although I do think last season was a bit of a slump.  They have definitely picked their game up: the episode where Will finds out Alicia is leaving the firm is one of the best ones I’ve seen in the whole 5 seasons.   I’m still rooting for Will and Alicia to get together … I think.   The writers have done a really great job of redeeming Peter, and making Will into the not-quite-so-shining knight.  But Will and Alicia as enemies?  Alicia as Warrior Princess?  Count me in.

2. Blacklist

To be honest, I can’t quite put into words why I rate this show so highly, but I look forward to it every Monday.  I was terribly disappointed it wasn’t on last night, actually.   If I have to put my finger on one thing, it is that James Spader is so good at being bad.  Megan Boone as Elizabeth (Lizzie) Keen is okay, if a bit wooden and still getting her acting legs.  I am sucked in by the mythology and mystery around the relationship between Red (Spader) and Elizabeth: is she or isn’t she his daughter?

1. Person of Interest

I’m not sure why I didn’t start watching this when it came on initially, as the show seems right up my alley.  I think perhaps Jim Caviezel had something to do with it, or it just wasn’t marketed quite right.  Although, it’s doing quite well as a show, so it was obviously marketed well to most people.  I binged watched this while I was ill, and I am hooked.  I quite like the addition of Amy Acker as root, and Taraji P. Henson does a fantastic job as Joss Carter as well.   I wish that instead of Shaw being added as a regular, they chose to bring in Paige Turco’s Zoe back in a more regular role, as she is an actor I’d like to see more of.  I must admit, I did enjoy the episode where they had Zoe, Shaw and Joss working the Lady Killer episode, and I do love Shaw’s interactions with Bear, the team dog.

And, except for the ridiculous plot device of super-easy-bluetooth-phone-hijacking [which can be done, but it’s not nearly as easy as they make it out to be], the tech accessories /devices they use aren’t totally out of place.  Impressive.

Okay, I was wrong, I can admit it

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During dinner the other night, I told BG that I did not think The Unusuals, the new show that came out Wednesday was going to be any good, because Amber Tamblyn was being totally cast against type.  I mean, she wasn’t talking to God or wearing miracle pants, right?

I finally caught the episode last night and was pleasantly surprised at the entertainment level.  Turns out Tamblyn really isn’t being cast against type: she’s a quirky park avenue princess who turns her back on that life to become a cop, doing her stint in vice as a hooker.  She ends up getting promoted to the 2nd squad homicide division aka “The Unusuals”, which prompts the best line of the night when she gets asked if she always wears 3 inch heels to work: “Hey, I was a hooker up until 10 minutes ago.”

The flu put me in the dollhouse

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Since I’ve been recovering from the flu that got spread around the office, my bed and I have started a long-term relationship.  This means I’m clearing through a lot of the backlog of unwatched TV shows.  Despite mixed reviews, I decided to take the plunge on Dollhouse, which had about 7 episodes spooled up.  I agree with many reviewers, the whole Tabula Rasa portion is annoying and every time I hear “did I fall asleep?” I roll my eyes, because that is not as amusing as Joss thinks it is.  Really.  Also the neighbor?  Totally obvious and I had that one pegged the first episode in.

But on the other hand, it is actually very engaging and I went through the whole seven episodes in a couple days and am left wondering what goes on next.  I also love that they’re bringing in some of my favorite B list actors as guest stars (Anson Mount and the traitor chick from NCIS as examples), and even though the Nerd-Geek is such a paper cutout and I want to kick him over his own railing, I’m looking forward to the next episode.

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