The things I do for my music

Image by Travelin’ Librarian via Flickr

Back in August I bought a MyBook, and it took me until January to install it (sometimes I’m a true procrastinator).  Turns out the Home Premium version of Vista that was installed on my new laptop doesn’t have any capability to do offline files, which is a pretty key feature if I want to move all my music and videos over to an external drive and still be able to listen/watch when not connected.  You know, like on a plane? Crazy talk, I know.

Rather than install a type of backup solution, I decided to buy Vista Ultimate through my microsoft employee contact (thanks!), and attempted to do the live upgrade.  It didn’t work the first time, so here’s a tip: reboot your computer before trying any upgrades.  Yes, I know, common sense, but no one ever accused me of having a large dose of that.  Turns out I needed to clear out a bunch of space for the upgrade, and so I moved my music files over to the MyBook (mistake #1) so I could proceed.

After reading a few articles on how to transfer your iTunes library, I proceeded to try and import the xml file to import my library that’s now residing on the external drive.  Sigh.  I’m STILL working on this because my wireless card will suddenly drop the network connection when transferring a lot of files, which just frustrates me to no end. Argh.

It got to the point where I thought I was going to have to recreate my entire library again, but after figuring out how to clear out my offline files, I attempted the import again and it of course went through just fine – to spite me, I think.

At this moment it’s currently determining gapless playback information, and then I’ll need to import artwork – again.

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No more prying eyes for me

After a long off-site meeting, in which I felt the need to be very careful on what I pulled up on my screen during the day, I noticed that when I looked over at one of my staff’s computer, I couldn’t see his screen. I asked him what he’d purchased and he directed me to the 3M Privacy Filter. Genius! Not that I don’t work when I’m in the office (or in an offsite meeting), but it’s nice to be able to check a website or purchase something on Amazon with a little less worry. I had to actually do some research on the web to determine if my screen was wide screen or not, and I was on my way. Turns out this little thing also helps with glare and the headaches I sometimes get from that as well. Nifty!