America is not the greatest country in the world any longer…

Please take the 6 minutes to watch the opening scene to Aaron Sorkin’s “The Newsroom“.  Jeff Daniel’s monologue struck a chord with me, as it expounds upon many things I’ve thought myself in the last several years.   The first 10 minutes of the show sucked me in, and I was hooked: I believe I binge-watched the entire first season in a matter of 2 days (it helps that it was a 10 episode season). I totally identify with Will McAvoy’s political leanings. Also, Mr. Sorkin must be psychic when it comes to my thoughts about the Tea Party – although I’d like to think most smart people have the same opinions of that group.

I devoured season 2 in about 3 days, although I didn’t like it quite as much as the first season, mostly due to the storytelling hack used.  I truly dislike, in television and in writing, this now-popular style of employing a time machine and continuing to jump back and forth between periods of time.  I’m fine with the Revenge-style method of showing a critical scene that’s 6 months into the future, and then rewinding and proceeding linearly to that point.  Season 2 started 6 months into the future, and then continued to jump back and forth between the linear timeline and then portions of the future.  Annoying.  But, not annoying enough to make me stop watching, an Sorkin is still a fantastic writer.

Shows like this make me wish I had a job where I could spend a “day in the life” and see how things really work.  I’ve got a long list of jobs that I’d like to shadow for a day, just to see how everything is put together.  Alas, I don’t think that job would pay very much, so I’ll stick to watching shows like this.


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  1. Woah. I think I need to spool up the Newsroom on Netflix!

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