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I watch too much TV, part 2: Shows 6 – 10

shows 6-10

See shows 11 – 15 here

10. Covert Affairs

This is basically, Alias v2.0 Sydney BristowAnnie Walker is bumped up to the field rapidly, and turns out to be a super-agent.  It’s still a good show, and I like that they’ve added in Auggie Anderson as a blind intelligence analyst; the portrayal of his capabilities seems very true to life. I also adore Kari Matchett as Joan Campbell, Annie and Auggie’s boss.  This season has been a little wacky, with Annie going off the grid and dying her hair, and meeting Auggie’s dead-but-not-really-dead-oh-now-she’s-actually-dead wife… but still a good show.

9. Sleepy Hollow

This freshman drama is a bit contrived; can we really go a whole season fighting the headless horseman?  But the writing is quite good, and I like the interaction between Lt. Mills (Nicole Beharie from “42”), and Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison).  It’s also still funny to watch Ichabod adjust to modern times: he’s amazed that we pay for water in bottles and what a rip off it is.

8. Grey’s Anatomy

Yes, this is in its 10th season.  Yes, there seem to be more deaths and crazy scenarios than are really plausible. I still watch this show.  I think they’ve done a great job adding in new characters – I used to hate Sarah Drew’s April, but now adore her.  And Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) is not hard to look at. And they have tackled some real issues: this show was the first show that I’ve seen that had main characters as lesbians, and not danced around it.  And it was pretty amazing that they tackled amputation with Arizona in the crash.

7. Super Fun Night

As I’ve said before, Rebel Wilson is my hero.  This show is pretty quirky, and Rebel shows no shame and will do almost anything for a joke.   I’m not really fond of the concept that Kimmie’s  (Rebel’s character) potential love interest, Richard, so quickly hooked up with the token pretty blond bitch, but they are doing a reasonable effort to humanize her.

6. Revenge

 This show is unabashedly campy, and I admire it for that.  The first season is still by far the best, with Emily’s Revengenda of the week, and watching to see how many layers wardrobe can put on Nolan.  The second season went into crazy Alias Rambaldi territory, but the new show runner has seemed to somewhat get the show back on track, bringing out the famous red sharpie. Finally!


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