December habit – letting go

I had originally planned on making my December habit one of decluttering, as I do tend to accumulate a lot of “stuff”.  But, to be honest, that was horrendously daunting – an issue to discuss with a professional, I’m sure.  But the sea change habit is “letting go”, and I thought a lot about that on my drive home from North Carolina.

Two things really stuck in my brain: sugar and my need to “be connected”.  I started wondering, out of nowhere, really: could I go without sugar for a year? I’d really thought about doing a whole60 from Dec through the end of Jan, but at the end of the day my demon tends to be sugar.  So that’s the plan for now: no refined sugar.  Alcohol is okay in moderation, but no baked goods, ice cream, sweets, etc. Muffins are basically cupcakes you eat for breakfast, so those are out as well. I’m going to stick with it for the 30 days and evaluate – but I’d like to see what I could do if I stayed off it for a full year.

I’m also basically addicted to the internet, my phone, and most forms of electronic gadgets.  I’ve decided to turn off all electronics at 8 pm, and attempt to be in bed by 9 am.  I’d really like to reset my sleep schedule and have more time in the morning to Get Stuff Done.  I just find I’m more efficient this way.

There are two exceptions to this rule:  one – my old-school kindle; and two – audiobooks on my phone.  Reading is something that’s okay to do to wind down at night, and isn’t really a constant connection use of electronics.  If I’m listening to audiobooks on my phone, I will set my phone into airplane mode so that I am not distracted by the alerts and such from all my social media.

And with that, I’m 6 minutes over my 8 pm deadline, so I’ll write more later about how it’s gone so far!