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Why I like staying with my mom when I visit

Mom making deviled eggs...

Mom making deviled eggs…

I know a lot of people have issues when coming home to their parents’ houses.  I used, too, as well, until I realized that a lot of these issues were me not accepting my mom for who she is, and trying to make her into something she’s not.  It also helped that we had a frank conversation where I told her I didn’t want to be treated as a guest, but more as, well, a daughter.   But now, I think we get along quite well; it’s gone from 3 days being my maximum at the house before wanting to run home, to just over a week.  I think that’s a fantastic improvement.

Granted, I watch more reality TV in the 5 days I’m here than I do the entire rest of the month.  It used to drive me crazy that she had the TV on all. the. time.  But, I threatened to buy her a pair of wireless earphones one summer, as she tends to have the volume up rather loud. When her birthday came around and I asked what she might want, she said, “Oh, I thought you were going to buy me those earphones…”  Done!  It’s actually made quite an improvement: she can listen to her shows during the day while I’m on my conference calls or watching my own TV shows.

Here are many reasons why I love staying at my mom’s:

  1. She always makes sure the heated blanket is on my bed when I come into town
  2. She has a hottub and makes sure it’s ready for when I come into town
  3. Her dog and mine get along famously, and she has a large back yard and a doggie door.  No, mom, I am still not taking your dog home with me…
  4. She always makes me deviled eggs (see above)!  Also, she just showed me a fantastic trick that may solve my incapability to peel a boiled egg: she uses a teaspoon – genius!
  5. She offers to record all my shows for me so I can watch them in my room
  6. She keeps a guest room for me (although I’m sharing it with my niece tonight)
  7. Grilled Cheese sandwiches
  8. She is always supportive of my mid day naps
  9. She always asks what kind of crazy diet [my words, not hers] I’m on now, and helps get the kitchen stocked for me
  10. She’s even gone and shopped and cooked recipes I picked out when I was in town for 48 hours
  11. Did I mention she has a hottub?

Love you, mom.


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