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Liebster award

Aiming for Simplicity was kind enough to nominate me for a Liebster Award.  When I started NaBloPoMo, I did register on the site, but didn’t think many people would be following me and my ramblings here.  I guess that’s less true than I thought!

Life here has been crazy and it’s been a challenge to get a post up a day, so while I won’t continue the award chain, I will answer her questions.  How can I pass up a great blog post idea?

1. If you could be any animal, what would you be?

Contrary to my mom’s belief, I would not be a penguin. I’m pretty sure I’d be an otter as they get to spend a lot of time in the water and are always having so much fun.

2. Invite three people to dinner, living or dead – who are they?

Rebel Wilson, Ryan Gosling, and so Rebel has some arm candy: Channing Tatum. If I’m not so nice to Rebel, I’d swap Channing for Anna Kendrick.

3. What’s the best Christmas gift you could get?

Unlimited Chiropractor visits.

4. What is your favourite blog entry you’ve written – please, post a link for us to read.

The one where I bust the jerky drunk lawyer

5. Who is your greatest inspiration?


6. Most embarrassing moment (that you are willing to share)

I can’t really think of any, so I’ve either killed those brain cells or I’m ok with what I’ve done.  I’d like to think it’s the latter.

7. Name one thing that you wish you had done in your life thus far.

Gone to Australia!

8. What’s your favourite food?

Chocolate peanut butter ice cream

9. Cheesecake or Cake?

Depends on my mood and the kind of cake. But I would say in general, cheesecake.

10. Favourite Olympic sport?

Summer or winter? For summer, it’s diving/swimming. Winter, it is curling or ice skating.

11. If you could ask your great grandparents one thing, what would it be?

What was it like to live through the depression?

Eleven tidbits about me:

1. I sleep with earplugs, an eye mask, and under a comforter (even at the height of summer!)

2. There us one seat in each movie theater that is the perfect seat, and if I don’t get it, I am sad.

3. I graduated with a degree in chemical engineering, but decided I liked computers more than distiller tanks.

4. I have never seen Anchorman.

5. I’d like to give blood, but my body has a horrible reaction to having blood drawn.  I don’t recover for a couple hours.

6. I am a perfectionist and a procrastinator.  They’re two sides of the same coin, really.

7. I love tech gadgets.  As a friend jokes “your watch talks to your shoe which talks to your phone …”  That’s me.

8. I own more makeup than one person could wear in 10 years.  And I keep buying lipstick.

9. I used to think that people who had migraines were just people with low pain tolerance.  Then at 35, I came down with a terrible migraine and suffer from them in spring and fall when the storm fronts come in.  I’m sorry to all of those I silently judged.

10. I am a huge Chicago sports fan, but I only have memories of this year.  I don’t remember players from the previous year if they were traded.  Weird, but true.

11. I’m an introvert, but my friends don’t believe me, and think I’m an extrovert.  Which is doubly odd, since I suffer from social anxiety.  I need to be alone to recover energy; while I love spending time with my friends, it takes energy to be out with people.  That makes me an introvert.  I’m a gregarious introvert versus a shy one, so when I’m with my friends, I’m very vivacious which mimics extroversion.   But, put me in a party with a bunch of strangers?  That’s my hell.  My introversion combined with my social anxiety sends me right to the buffet.i


One Response

  1. That was so much fun to read, anna is it? One of my favorite names too. You sound exactly like me so i smiled the who time I read it. I’m new to blogging, you can see mine at http://kristy4214blog.com if you care to check me out. I’m an introvert too but nobody believes me either and everything else you said that’s me. I don’t think I could ever explain it that good though. It was perfect. Also I like “I am a perfectionist and a procrastinator.” I feel that way and add lacking courage sometimes equals disaster but I am braver than I’d ever give myself credit for. I’ll be watching for your posts. I signed up for the NaPlo whatever but immediately fell into a slump so don’t look for me to win. Maybe next year I’ll have what it takes, have you taken writing classes/courses? I’m trying to learn everything through e-books, internet classes that are free, my new friendly bloggers, all great successes, and I just can’t learn any faster! Stay in touch. See me on fb, or google+.

    Much blogging,
    Linda Stewart

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