Rebel Wilson is my hero…

I’ll admit I wasn’t all that taken with Rebel in her turn in Bridesmaids, but she stole my heart in Pitch Perfect. She floors me with her confidence and her “so what” attitude about her weight. Yes, she’s over weight, but to her it’s “so what?”  Her characters exude a certainty in who they are and their sexuality that I envy.  She’s not waiting to be thin to dream big; she isn’t hampered by my crushing idea that being overweight is the cause of many of my issues.

She’s also ridiculously smart: she has a law degree and and arts degree.  And she is ridiculously funny.  And she’s funny in part because she doesn’t have any shame about her weight.

I have a ridiculous amount of shame about my weight.  I’m constantly judging myself by that number on the scale, by what I’m eating, or by how my pants fit.  it’s a never ending battle.  I don’t put myself out there in the dating world very often, because I’m convinced that men won’t even talk to me because I am fat.  And in some part of my psyche, I shy away from that attention as well.  When I’ve dropped into the magic land of “Oneder land”, I have freaked out and ended up running to the food to comfort myself, and likely put the weight back on to where I was somewhat invisible to guys.

But Rebel?  She owns that.  She talks to Ellen about how she stuffed cookies from the posh Disneyland club into her purse, and when she got busted by the waiter and was offered a to-go box, merely said “okay!” and brought this gigantic box of desserts around the park.  With zero shame. She goes on Jay Leno and sings Lady Gaga with her “breast voice”, and KILLS IT.

So, I think I’m going to start thinking what Rebel Wilson would do, and care less about what other people might think.  Maybe I’ll even just start calling myself Fat Heather and come to terms with that – and that it’s not the whole sum of who I am. After all, I’m pretty darn funny as well.

And maybe I’ll be a little bit more like this:


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  1. ^_^ As someone who’s gone through a lot of self-hatred over my own weight, I say, well… It’s hard. I can sit here and spew some Hallmark-card encouragement at you, but it’s not going to change what you and I know to be true. Sometimes, we look in the mirror and want to cry because we hate what we see. So how about I offer you a hug and a “you’re not alone” instead? And maybe we can learn how to be more positive about our body image, and learn to love who we are no matter how we look, together?

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