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I have CDO…

My friends and I joke that we are all probably more than a little OCD, or CDO as we like to call it amongst ourselves.  Paul sent this link to me: 5 Types Of OCD Friends You Know And Love.  I’m very much The Planner (I used to love my Franklin Covey day planner so very much, and then computers were invented…), and I am that girl who sends out a calendar invite for casual dinner or whatnot.  I also have a tendency to be The Always Prepared: you should see my purse, and the sheer quantity of stuff I travel with.

Paul is likely The Picky Eater, and Audra is definitely The Organizer.  And we’re okay with that.  Even if most of these things drive us crazy – I mean, if I had to deal with item #2, I’d be a cranky lady.  But, it does mean Paul sends Audra and I funny valentines like this:

Hey girl,

Normally life is like this:

Inline image 1

But when you’re around, it feels more like this:

Inline image 2

Happy valentine’s day!

So, it’s absolutely okay to be odd, an your friends will still love you for it. He also got bonus points for The Gos reference…


One Response

  1. I blogged about this very same topic today. It must be an OCD thing and true it makes much more sense being CDO lol

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