When a half mile feels like a half marathon…

… you know you’re still not feeling under the weather.

I did some research into doggy day care yesterday, and the place a friend recommended had evaluation day on Saturday.  Wrigley has been bouncing around with way too much energy for a 12 year old dog as I’ve been too ill to give him long walks.  So, I figured several hours running around with a mass of other dogs would do him some good, and he’d come back nice and worn out.

I just didn’t expect that I would come home worn out from a half mile walk!  I’d originally planned to be non-eco-friendly and drive him there, but the day was just too beautiful out.  Unfortunately, I paid for it by being exhausted the rest of the day and bouncing back from the bed to the couch.

The good news is, Wrigley is conked out:

2013-11-04 22.56.13


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