My inner child is a terrorist…

ransom note

… who is taking my health and sanity hostage and is demanding sugar in any form.  The cravings I’ve had today have included ice cream, pie, chocolate, and donuts.  It started this morning about 30 minutes after I woke up and hasn’t stopped since.  While I realize that the word terrorist is probably the most misused word of the century, I can’t come up with a better word to describe how I feel when that little girl inside me constantly brings up sugary food thoughts, and won’t stop until she’s satisfied.

It’s hard for me to parent that little girl, because I feel for her, too.  At times, I think that I deserve the sugary treat, too.  But she is incapable of playing the tape forward 5 or 30 minutes after the treat to how terrible I feel afterwards.  So, I’m supposed to parent this little girl inside me and all I can think is “We don’t negotiate with terrorists”.

I won the battle today, mostly because there isn’t anything much sugary in the house.  Also, my lack of desire to go outside outweighed any empathy for my hostage-taking inner child. I just wish I had better strategies for other times, like when I’m stressed or angry; these emotions also lend towards me giving in to her demands.

So, I did take a tip from the folks who are potato hacking, and realized that my inner child does see taters as comfort food.  So, I put my George Foreman grill to the BEST USE EVER, and made hashbrowns in it:

grilled hash browns

(not my picture, but deeelicious)

Along with some poached eggs, that kept me satisfied until 2:30 or so.  At which point, I baked up approximately a metric tonne of french fries (click the link for recipe and pictures!).  With some non-HFCS ketchup, that really hit the spot.  And since it was made with minimal extras, pretty darn healthy for a comfort food, which even my inner terrorist liked:

IMG 1312

again, not my image, but pretty close to what my plate looked like.


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