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Can someone please locate my immune system, stat?

I don’t really have the energy for a full on blog post today, as I’ve been feeling kind of run down for the last couple weeks.  It doesn’t help that I’ve been making poor food choices, either.  I tend to do that when I feel sick, which starts a downward spiral.  When I’m sick, I want comfort and someone to take care of me.  My mother lives 500 miles away and I don’t expect her to travel here at the drop of the hat when I’m under the weather [but if she wants to, that’s fine – hi mom!].  Add to that, the fact that I am then feeling lazy and don’t want to cook and you get a lot of takeout meals that are in no way paleo.

Mac and cheese and all its gluten-y goodness is like mainlining seratonin.   So, I do literally feel great while I’m eating … and all of about 5 minutes afterwards.   And then the dairy make me more stuffy and i get headache-y from the gluten, and then I feel WORSE.  And I still want someone to take care of me and be comforted, and the whole cycle starts again.

This is always my issue – and eventually I get tired of feeling so crappy that I just get back on the good food horse and carry on.

But I won’t lie to you – I’m debating starting the potato hack for the next several days, just so food is a) easy, b) a no-brainer, and c) comforting.  Potatoes have a 323% satisfaction rating (as compared to white bread)!  And homemade french fries, what’s more comforting than that?


2 Responses

  1. […] I did take a tip from the folks who are potato hacking, and realized that my inner child does see taters as comfort food.  So, I put my George Foreman […]

  2. I like the serotonin too, thank God there are a ton of ways to get it.


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