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The Whole30 After Action Report…

So the lovely people at Whole9 suggest we write up an After Action Report to evaluate the Whole30.  So, here’s mine:

What went well:

  • I lost 7.2 pounds!
  • My skin was definitely clearer
  • I won my dietbet!
  • I didn’t stress about having 348 recipes and each day planned out to the nines
  • I didn’t stress about working out, and by the end actually felt like walking
  • No more gurgling, gassy GI system!
  • GERD basically gone – except when I eat too-spicy things.
  • Having a buddy to vent to during the 30 days

What could have gone better:

  • SO. EXHAUSTED.  Every day at 3 pm [I’m pretty sure this is directly linked to caffeine, as I’ve been off it for 4 days and feel much better already]
  • Snacking.  Sunbutter, I cannot quit yooou. I did not make a diligent effort to eliminate snacking from my diet.  I think this was also tied to the 3 pm sleepies; I get tired and because I cannot nap, I get hungry.

What you’ll do the next time:

  • Focus on the rest of the program:  3 meals a day, and make sure to have breakfast
  • Stay decaffeinated during the W30; although most likely, I’ll be staying decaf from now on.
  • Start in January, and plan a W45, and post in the Whole30 forums daily
  • Make a list of my favorite recipes and post/link them here

Reintroduction updates:

  • Non gluten grains don’t have a huge impact on me, but they are starting to make my GI system gurgly and odoriferous.  I’m going back to strict W30 until Tuesday, when I will reintroduce dairy (mmmm jeni’s ice cream….)
  • The non-gluten grains are nice, but not really necessary.  I may have some quinoa pasta with my ground beef/veggie fry ups occasionally – maybe once a week, because the texture is nice, but it’s certainly not something I’d like inflict on my body every day.

Next 30 day challenge??

I’ve signed up for Leo Babuta’s Sea Change program, and decided I want to journal every day.  I’m using lift.do to track, which is pretty convenient.  I started on the 29th of September and have 6 days under my belt!


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