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Whole60, Day 28

Day 28: Monday, Sept 30

So, I prepared the Saltwater Cleanse last night and took it first thing in the morning.  I had forgotten that, while it is effective, it also makes me nauseous.  I  bailed on my 7:30 am meeting and basically laid in bed until everything, erm, passed.  I’ll say that it does that job effectively.

I also made the  realization after reading this article: Caffeine Clean: Four months without coffee, that the one major difference between this Whole30 and the one I did earlier in May is that I didn’t drink coffee in May.  I just couldn’t stand the taste of coffee without sugar, so I did without.  By October, I was drinking coffee with coconut milk and no sugar, so I continued to have my cup in the mornings.

So, I’ve made the sad realization that I need to give up caffeine and see where that goes, and if that resets my early afternoon tireds.  I has all the sads about this, though.

I am still having issues around snacks and sunbutter.  I got the  cashews out of the house, but have not really broken the 3pm snack habit.  I don’t wonder that this is directly tied into being tired right about that time.

For dinner, it was restaurant night with Paul, and it was his turn to pick, and he picked Alhambra Palace Restaurant.   I got some Baba Ganoush to start (with veggies instead of pita) and Tandoori Chicken.  The latter, despite me saying “no grains no grains” was served on some big tortilla chip looking thing.  Sigh.  I picked it off onto another plate and ate the chicken, which was great, but …

… I’m afraid I got gluten-bombed by the sauce.  Ugh.


2 Responses

  1. […] know if it’s because today was the first day without caffeine, or if I really did get gluten-bombed yesterday, but I could barely keep my eyes open at 10 am, and I had gotten a good night’s […]

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