Whole60, Day 27

Day 27: Sunday, Sept 29

The day started out early, as Dorothy was coming over for brunch, and due to yesterday’s lazy day, the house was pretty much a disaster.  So I picked up and straightened, walked the dog, and then it was time for brunch.

We  went to Crosby’s Kitchen for brunch, which was tasty as usual.  I had a couple of poached eggs (made the real way, not  like me with my pan!), sausage, fruit and some ice tea.  I was even proud of myself for sitting facing away from the bears game and focusing on Dorothy.

It was probably a good thing that I didn’t, as while the Bears were in the lead when we left the restaurant, but they blew up later while i was watching it at home.  Crazy.

For dinner, I had myself a cherry fizz, and then some leftover tomato soup and sweet&sour chicken, as well as some broccoli.  Pretty tasty, although I admit I am counting the days to day 31.


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