Whole60, day 26

2013-09-28 19.48.17

Day 26: Saturday, Sept 28:

I definitely didn’t want to get out of bed today.  My hip hurt, and I was exhausted, and generally lethargic.  I had a talking to with myself, and got up, showered and took some aleve, and felt good enough to go to my morning meeting. I’d also put in the Sweet & Sour Chicken based off of the recipe in Primal Cravings: Your favorite foods made Paleo.  It was pretty tasty, at least.

After my meeting and hanging out at Starbucks, where I bought myself an office chair online [for less than it would have been if I went and picked it up!], I decided that I’d had all I could handle for the day.

I cancelled the rest of my plans and laid on the couch and rested my hip. I was definitely a laze-a-bug, caught up on my TV and did get some roasted tomato soup together, which was delicious.

I also made plans with Julie to get dinner and ice cream on the 3rd, so I have definitely decided to end my Whole60 early – at 30 days.

I also found some interesting recipes for chia pudding (for when I’m trying dairy again).  I think the chocolate coffee chia might be on the agenda for breakfast tomorrow….


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