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Whole60, day 25

Note, this is not me…

Day 25: Friday Sept 27

Today is Kiwanis Peanut Day, so I took the day off, as I had to bail to head out to the suburbs about 2 pm in order to hit the streets at 3:30 pm.

I started the day off with my typical coffee w/coconut milk and poached eggs.  I’m finding that my usual 3 eggs is actually starting to be a little too much, so going forward, maybe I’ll just do two eggs.  It’s nice to actually be able to notice this stuff now!  I’ve also bought some gelatin, based on some reading on the Peat articles and swung by Caribou Coffee for a second cup of coffee that I could gelatin-up.  The gelatin isn’t really noticeable in the coffee, so I’ll probably continue with it, since there are a lot of health benefits to the stuff.

Peanut Day requires a little bit of planning: normally, I’ll snack on peanuts and we’ll go back to count money at someone’s house and order pizza. Yeah, that’s not going to work on the Whole30.   So, instead I packed up some guacamole and leftover mexican/collard greens dinner from the other night.

Turns out my hip was hurting enough that I just wanted to go home [I definitely made my step goal for the day!]. I also needed to get home to the dog as well, since he had pretty much refused to do his business before I left at 2 pm.  So, no way to heat up, or really eat, the leftovers.  I punted and swung by Jimmy John’s and picked up an unwich with extra meat and extra guac along with some mustard.  Good enough until I got home.

Then, I got it in my head, for whatever reason, to make coconut butter.   I’d bought a case of Let’s Do Organic unsweetened coconut flakes and hadn’t done anything with them, and my Blend-Tec was getting dusty.   So, I asked Chef Google how to make it, and found Nom Nom Paleo’s Homemade Coconut Butter recipe.

My first attempt was kind of a fail.  The Blend-Tec heated things up and I was getting a paste, not really a liquid.  I added another pouch of coconut flakes, and still – mostly pasty, not smooth and liquidy.   After doing a little research in the comments of the above post, as well as the comments at Mark’s Daily Apple, I realized I may need to add a bit more liquid to the recipe to get it to blend properly.  I added 2 more TBS coconut oil (melted) and whoomp, there it was!  In retrospect, this may have been a little too much, but the result tasted just fine.  I added a bit of cinnamon and it tastes a bit like rumchata butter! Yum.

Here’s what I used for my batch:

  • 2 x 7 ounce package of Let’s Do Organic Unsweetened Coconut Flakes
  • 3 tablespoons melted coconut oil
  • Shake of cinnamon (maybe 1/2 tsp?)
  • Pinch of Kosher salt

I tossed it all in my blend-tec, hit the “sauces/dips” button, and then blitzed it a second time at level 8 for 45 seconds, and then did that one more time:


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