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Whole60, Day 23

Day 23: Wednesday Sept 25

This being tired, especially around 3 pm is really frustrating.  I’m not sure why this is happening on this Whole30 when it wasn’t present after the first week on the last one.  I’ve also felt like my brain is not functioning as well as it usually does: I’m losing my train of thought occasionally at work and am not as able to multitask.   I admit, I do take pride in my intelligence and speed on picking things up, so this is doubly frustrating.

I think there’s also the fact that I’m sad/anxious/internally whiny about the fact that it is September, and that Scooter’s Frozen Custard, and Black Dog Gelato will close soon and I will miss out on this taste of summer.   So, I will admit that this does factor into this, a bit.

But, the other thing on my mind is something I read about is Ray Peat and his ideas that dairy is actually good, and that sugar is not evil.  I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around that last one I’ll admit.  But, I mean, the man even recommends Ice Cream!

I mentioned the tiredness to Lori, and she mentioned that perhaps I am detoxing, which is why I’m so ridiculously tired all the time.  She suggested an enema, but that is not happening – but I may do a Salt Water Flush instead.  Maybe it’ll flush out my urge to eat cashews like candy – like I managed to do today, sigh.


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  1. […] able to notice this stuff now!  I’ve also bought some gelatin, based on some reading on the Peat articles and swung by Caribou Coffee for a second cup of coffee that I could gelatin-up.  The gelatin […]

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