Whole 60, Day 22

Day 22: Tuesday Sept 24

i dropped off my car this morning, and will be without it until tomorrow evening.  Luckily I live in the city, so this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

I ended up down a google rabbit hole in the afternoon, though.  While looking for an image for yesterday’s post,  I saw this menu board, which niggled at me.  I started looking at other menu planners, and since I just hung a weekly whiteboard, i think a magnetic system would be really interesting.

I also stumbled across this 30 meals binder idea.  I think if I combine this with the magnetic recipe idea, this is going to be a winner.  The only thing I will need to modify is the “use up what’s in the CSA box” menu.  Often times, I do go look for a new recipe as the goodies that come in my CSA box are generally items that I’ve never cooked with before.  Creating a category for “CSA” will allow me to continue to try new recipes and yet make weekly planning a lot easier, hopefully.

Whole60 report:  I am still feeling ridiculously exhausted through this, and that’s much different from the last time that I did the Whole30.  Previously, I was tired for about 7-10 days and then that cleared.   I’m really thinking of stopping at the end of the 30 days, and doing a serious introduction protocol to see how I react to things like dairy and grain.  Of course this could just be my extinction burst talking.  Also, it would help if I got to bed on time, as well.

I am also having a difficult time not snacking, and also not eating 862 cashews at a sitting.  I was starving at 4:30 pm but also feeling way too lazy to make dinner, so I ended up eating 583 cashews and taking a nap.  I would have run to Chipotle for a quick dinner but … no car.  Ugh.  So, instead, I pulled out my spiral slicer and made some comfort noodles.

I also spent the evening getting through most of my weekly cookup: I made mayo and clarified butter, then roasted some acorn squash and tomatoes / onions for soup.   I also put my swimming goggles on and chopped up several onions for later.  And then I even did all the dishes.  BOOM.  Just call me Martha:


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