Whole60, Day 20

Day 20: Sunday, Sept 22

Sunday was somewhat lazy.  I got up around 9, had a late breakfast of poached eggs and avocado [I still had some to use up, even after the fat guacamole devils], and caught up on The Bridge before jumping in the shower and heading off to our monthly Book Club and Brunch.  This month we were reading Orange is the New Black, as several of us had binge-watched the TV show and wanted to see how the book compares.  I liked it; it wasn’t as outlandish as the TV show, but I think you did get to see Piper grow, and it was interesting to think about how I, a soft white girl, would survive in prison.

I think my favorite part of the discussion was Shana saying “Well, I wouldn’t have to work, I’d get a lot of time to read, and I could train puppies all day!”  I think I’m going to pass on that option and the lack of personal freedoms, however.

I ended up having water and an omelette [hold the dairy] with shrooms and spinach. Yum.  Kind of amazing how you have to remember to ask for these things in restaurants:  they put dairy / butter in a lot of things you wouldn’t think they might!

When I got home, I tackled the to-do list: hung up the whiteboards I’d gotten for my fridge with command strips.  Whose brilliant idea was it, anyway, to make non-magnetic refrigerators?  I then went through the contents of my fridge, freezer and pantry, listing them on the 8″x17″ board, and my general weekly appointments on the weekly one.  I feel so much more organized!

Then, it was weekly meal planning time.  I decided to skip my weekly CSA box, as I was still behind on going through the food from the last two week’s boxes.  That’s the curse of living by myself: I have to skip every third box or so, because I just can’t eat that much that fast!

And then finally, I finished carving the chicken I’d roasted on Friday, so I took the bones and the veggie ends/pieces I’d saved from the last couple days and put that all into the crock pot  with water, salt, pepper and vinegar and set it on low before I headed off to bed.  I use this recipe, but instead of the stove, put it all in the slow cooker (which I think is safer) and let it go for up to 24 hours before straining and saving.

Mmm: 2013-09-22 19.43.03


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