Whole60, Day 19

Day 19: Saturday Sept 21

On tap for Saturday was an end of summer indoor pool party.  Normally this is the type of occasion that triggers all of my desires to socially eat and/or drink.  I tend to feel what I call “internal peer pressure”: I see everyone else eating “fun foods” or alcohol, and I think that people are all looking at me wondering why I’m not enjoying the cake or mai tais, as well.  While I know it’s really not true, it’s still a pattern I need to break.

I searched Chef Google for something to ring, since it was a pot luck, and someone had already offer to bring potato salad, so fauxtato salad was out.  I found a recipe for fat guacamole devils on Mark’s Daily Apple, and since I had a bunch of avocados I needed to use up, I was sold.   I have a incapability of making pretty hardboiled eggs, I bought the store bought kind, and that made things super easy.  I learned a trick from The Pioneer Woman about cutting things in half, so used two plastic lids and put the eggs between them.  I then used a knife to cut them in half:2013-09-21 16.18.52

The other trick to making deviled eggs simple is using  a ziploc bag.  Take the yolks, put them in the ziploc bag, toss all the other ingredients in and smush them all together.   I ended up carting the egg shells and filling separately, and then snipped the corner and filled the eggs.  Sadly, I didn’t take a picture of the finished product, but they were all eating lickety split, so I wasn’t the only one who thought they were delicious.

As for the party, I actually didn’t have a hard time passing up the desserts, even though I had a couple of food pushers around.  It helped that I brought my 100% tart cherry juice (spiked with lime) and some seltzer water.   Mocktails ahoy!

I must have felt some sort of deprivation, though, because when I got hungry I ended up eating a few handfuls of cashews I didn’t need.  But, in the scheme of things, that’s better than a bunch of sugar and gluten.  Whole30 on!


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  1. […] was somewhat lazy.  I got up around 9, had a late breakfast of poached eggs and avocado [I still had some to use up, even after the fat guacamole devils], and caught up on The Bridge before jumping in the shower and […]

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