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Whole60, Day 18

Day 18: Friday, Sept 20

I took a half day today to get some work done on my shoulder that has been killing me for the last month or so.  While I was taking time off, I managed to get scheduled for a facial, and a mani&pedi as well.  That’s definitely a great way to end the week.  But, I’m either starting peri-menipause, or just got overloaded by trying to get everything I needed to get done, well, done, because it seemed like I managed to lose at least half my brain, if not all of it.

I prepped up my Roast Chicken with Gravy aromatics during my lunch hour, then put those in the slow cooker with the seasoned bird.  I had calculated that if I threw the slow cooker on at 1:15 when I needed to leave for my first appointment, it would be all nice and cooked by 5.30 or so, when I was coming home from my second appointment.

Of course, I forgot to set my out of office and thus ended up rushed to get out the door and … forgot to put the chicken on.  Oh well, I figured I’d get home from the first appointment, throw the chicken in on high for 45 min before I left for the second, and turn it to low as I was running out the door.  That way, it would be done for me when I was done with my mani/pedi.

… of course I forgot to turn it on low, so I blitzed the onions with the immersion blender, and chowed down quickly on the (yummy) bird before (again) rushing off to get my nails done.

On the other hand, I did get to use my new spiral slicer on some zucchini and had my chicken and gravy over fun spiral noodles, so that’s something!


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  1. […] then finally, I finished carving the chicken I’d roasted on Friday, so I took the bones and the veggie ends/pieces I’d saved from the last couple days and put […]

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