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Whole60, Day 17

I’ve previously talked about my thought about doing several 30 day challenges, and realized where I’d gotten the idea many moons ago: Leo Babauta’s Sea Change program.  The whole idea behind Sea Change is that change can, and often is, gradual; habits are easier made if they start 5 minutes at a time.

Thinking on this, I decided to lower my daily fitbit goal from 10,000 steps daily (which I wasn’t making), to 6,000 steps daily (very achievable).  Surprisingly, I took a 15 min walk to clear my head from work during the afternoon, and at the end of the day, I had a whopping 9,600 steps.  Huh.  [And, 3 days later, I’ve made my step goal each day, and it feels great!]

For lunch, I threw together a garbage curry; basically what did I have in my fridge that I needed to cook or it would need to be thrown out:

2013-09-19 12.25.23

The key to this is Mae Ploy yellow curry paste.  Take this, a can of coconut milk, chicken and random veggies (in my case: kale, carrots and peppers), simmer, and boom, done.   I tossed in some raw riced cauliflower, which the hot sauce cooked, and it was delicious!

Dinner was at Tom & Eddies for my last eKiwanis board meeting as president.  I had a bunless burger with avocado and a fried egg, but I definitely [mentally] desired the S’mores milkshake they had for the month.  I didn’t order it (obviously), but I did come home and had a couple handfuls of cashews, which may be tied to the “waaah poor mees” I had from not getting the shake.    More lessons in how I’m not perfect.  But, reading this post, I realize that not everything is going to be fixed, and cashews are not Against The Rules, so I am going to Keep Calm and Whole30 on.


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