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Whole60, Day 16

FINALLY, I have awoken (at 5:30 am! on my own!) with TIGER BLOOD! Finally!  I woke up before my 6 am alarm and proceeded to crank through a bunch of tasks and was somewhat bouncing around the house that day.  Paul complained that I stole his motivation.  If that’s true, I was totally fine with that.

It felt so good to finally have my motivation back; I had missed it.  Things were a bit of a struggle, although the physical cravings were gone, which was so nice.  I still have mental and social cravings: when I want food to, basically, stop from having to Feel the Feelings, but that’s one of the reasons I’m doing a Whole60 instead of a Whole30.  I am still having issues around nuts/nut butter filling in for other comfort food, and I need to address that.

I did still need an early evening nap, but I think that was due to not getting enough sleep the night before more than anything.

In keeping with the “laziest Whole30 ever”, I cooked some ground beef, threw in kale, and cabbage, some carrots and spices and called it lunch.  I also called it dinner as well.   I find that it’s actually so much easier to live this way when I’m not stressing about 80 new recipes a week, but I don’t think I would have gotten to this place if I hadn’t gone through the somewhat OCD Whole30 I did in May.


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