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Whole60, Day 14

Day 14: Sept 16, 2013

Today was rather uneventful;  I’m still tired, but according to Sleep as Android, I’m about 8 hours of sleep behind for the last 10 days, which could explain it.  It could also be some hormonal thing, too, who knows.

In any case, I haven’t yet found the boundless energy, and my hip still aches.  I’m also still desperately wishing to jump on the scale to track my progress, but that’s kind of the point: the scale is an artificial measure of my self esteem, and I’m more than willing to let it be my “god”.  So, off the scale I will stay, grumbling.

Continuing with The Laziest Whole30/60 ever, I just had leftovers today, although I did go through my Door to Door Organics box (from last Tuesday!) and whizz the peppers, carrots and kale (separately) through the food processor:

2013-09-16 21.46.25


I’m going out to dinner tomorrow night, but this will help out tomorrow when I’ll likely be throwing a hot plate together Wednesday or Thursday.

Whole30 timeline note:  I’m supposed to be in the “boundless energy, now give me a damn twinkie” phase, but I think i’m still really more stuck in the “i just want a nap” phase. Which is okay – I know that I’ve had 35 years of poor eating that I need to recover from, so it might be different.   I also kind of miss exercising.  Weird.  I may start trying yoga at home…


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