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Whole60, Day 13

Day 13: Sept 15, 2013

Sunday was a rainy dreary day.  I woke up around 9 and made my typical poached eggs for breakfast, and indulged in a couple episodes of Person of Interest, and then all of a sudden it was almost noon and time for the Bears game.  Again, I am pretty sure I’m fat-adapted because I didn’t even think about lunch until after 1 pm; this is so incredibly different than before the Whole60!

The Bears managed to pull it out in the last 10 seconds, which was great, but the whole game was a wild ride.  I know that Jay Cutler is a) the best quarterback the bears have had in forever and b) a second half QB, but I really wish he’d become a full game QB so we can avoid these shenanigans going forward.

After the game, I finally found my motivation, and got the dishes cleaned and put away.  Then I went to work and made Chicken “Fried Rice”, using cauliflower rice as a rice substitute.  I love this recipe, but humanely raised pork is a pain to find, so I substitute chicken instead – it tastes just as good.

Then, since I had the food processor out, I riced the rest of the cauliflower, and diced several onions to use later in the week.  I hate chopping onions, because I cry like a baby.  So, I decided to be creative, and purchase a pair of swimming goggles, which i keep in my kitchen drawer and wear them while chopping onions.  I may look ridiculous, but no more tears!

Whole30 timeline:  I realized later in the evening, that I haven’t had cravings for anything since early afternoon Friday!  Huzzah!


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