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Whole60, Day 11

2013-09-13 12.21.34-1

Day 11: Sept 13, 2013

Today was reasonably uneventful, although the weather turned cooler and I got a little moody.  I’ve learned from my last Whole30 that a mug of heated chicken broth is actually a great cure for this, so I warmed up a cup and felt a little better.

I’ve been putting off my grocery shopping, which is good for going through my freezer stores, but ultimately could cause issues down the line when I run out of tasty stuff to eat.  So, after much internal complaining, I finally hauled myself to Costco and stocked up on eggs, organic chicken and ground beef.  I also saw a set of these knives (although not the exact same set) for $30 so had to pick those up, and a 3 pack of kitchen aid cutting boards, and about $180 worth of other stuff I needed/wanted that wasn’t food.  Damn you, Costco!

I had hoped to make Potsticker Burgers tonight, but by the time I got home, it was a little too late.  Thus, I had the leftover coconut chicken I had made for lunch, along with some storemade guacamole and carrots.   I think the guac I make myself is better, but a lot more of a hassle.  Deeelicious.


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