Whole60, Day 1

I keep saying I’m doing a whole30, but really, I know myself, and I need to do at LEAST a whole60, if not a whole100 to really reset my brain.  And, let’s face it – I am a food addict:  I use food to comfort myself and keep me from having to feel and deal with uncomfortable situations, and that’s just not healthy.  But that’s a topic for a much different post.

Today went pretty decently.  I had poached eggs in the morning (I always forget how much I LOVE eggs) and coffee with coconut milk.   Lunch and dinner were both chili lime chicken, left over from meals at the beach house, and nuked veggies.  I was going to make shepherd’s pie, but decided a nap was much more important than prepping food, and then I had a Cubs game to get to (celebrating the Big Ten).  I was somewhat hungry in the afternoon, about 3 pm, but I’m sure that’s psychological, as I’ve started to have a snack 

The baseball game was probably the hardest part of my day.  It is such a habit that when I go to a baseball game, I get to eat and drink baseball food – none of which is whole30 compliant.  I brought a water, and actually had to concentrate on the game and people, instead of eating baseball food.  Ugh. I survived, but it was definitely a learning experience about how I tie food to events, and to not having to, you know, talk to people.

Today’s plan is making the shepherd’s pie for lunch, and then this evening, get a weekly cookup done to stock up for the upcoming week.


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