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Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is…

I’m on an assignment that requires me to travel a little more often for the next couple months.  I recently had 2 weeks of travel back-to-back, and the first week went quite well, not perfect, but the only deviations to my plan were a glass and a half of wine a night, which I could live with.  The next week, for various reasons, was a bit of a mess and a half.  So, I decided to incentivize myself to get back on track by signing up for a dietbet.

I’d started thinking of doing this when my friend Shelly joined one, but I have a hard time with the concept of monetizing my weight loss.  I already have issues around the scale, and my weight, and putting it into a win or lose based on the scale didn’t seem like necessarily a good idea.  The one thing I really did like about the dietbet concept is that in reality, you’re competing against yourself.  Everyone puts an ante into the pot, and those folks who lose 4% of their body weight in 4 weeks split the pot.  I like this a lot better than the typical biggest loser type competition, where only one or two people win; I personally feel that this type of competition is can really promote unhealthy weight loss behaviors.  The dietbet game, on the other hand, actually says that if you lose more than 12% of your body weight, they won’t make you a winner.

Of course, when I mentioned this to a coworker, he said “I would just totally cheat, most likely”.  I did worry a little about that, but had done some research on the interwebs, and most of the people who signed up do seem rather genuine about trying to lose weight.  And, it’s only $20 at stake for me, and I think that’s below the threshold of trying to fudge things.  Dietbet also requires you to send them two pictures – one of you on the scale with the word of the day in view, and then one right after that of a full length photo of you on the scale.  If you’re a winner on the weigh out, you’ll need to send the same photos within 2 days of the game ending.  I will admit, I did join a game that was already in progress, so I wasn’t as strict about the time of day I weighed in the afternoon, a little after lunch and the like, and I generally weigh in the morning, which obviously will affect the weight loss.

I’ve basically been continuing my Whole30 diet (although allowing myself some dark chocolate), and making it a goal to get 10,000 steps in with my fitbit.  In my journey through the internet, I stumbled upon the idea of intermittent fasting, and have been experimenting with that as well, which is best explained in another post or two.

So, how’s it going?  The good news is that I’m down 6.2 lbs in 14 days (although I’m sure some of that is based on the time of day), but the bad news is I have 11 days to lose 3.3 lbs.  Today seems to be an uptick in the scale, and it may be due to some extra sodium I ate, so I’m not that concerned.



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