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I forgot how hard blogging was!  Or rather, not hard, exactly – just time consuming.  It can take over an hour for me to put my words on paper, and it doesn’t help that I can be a perfectionist.  I’ve got several things that I want to write about – my diet bet, my thoughts on intermittent fasting, my n=1 experiment with bulletproof coffee, and the reading I’ve done on nutritional ketosis, which looks incredibly interesting as well.  Hopefully I’ll have time on this long weekend to do that, but my new work laptop arrived yesterday and I may be spending quite a bit of time with that getting it up and ready before work Monday.

This weekend has been full of fireworks, which I love (and my dog hates).  Wednesday, Julie and I went to the White Sox game, as they were going to have extended fireworks after the game; for $12, it was a good deal, even if the team is doing poorly. And as a bonus, the Stanley Cup made an appearance with Sharp and Bollig.  The fireworks were 18 min long, and were pretty amazing.

Then, on the 4th, another group of friends and I went to Arlington Park to bet on the horses and watch their fireworks, which I was told were the best in Chicagoland.  I was skeptical, since the ones at the ballpark were pretty great, but they were right – these blew them out of the water.  We were about 1000 ft away from the display, so the fireworks were huge and they, like the Sox, timed them to music.  My favorite was when they played the Monkees and every time the lyrics “then I saw her face …”, they shot off fireworks with smiley faces in them.   I’ll definitely go next year, although I ended up sitting in the parking lot for an hour afterwards, which was so not fun.

Unfortunately, I lost $50 on the ponies, alas.  But I did bet on a horse named Dancing Kitten, who won, and that was fun.


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  1. Love fireworks…best thing about being on the 21st floor is I can watch 3 huge displays and a tonne of little ones around the city!

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