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Goals for 2012 (take two)

I had this all complete and formatted and managed to delete the whole thing.  Good going 2012!

Anyway, last year I didn’t have many goals, other than working on my 101 in 1001 list, and when Audra and Paul and I were out for dinner and a movie on new year’s eve-eve, the topics of goals came up and I was inspired with these 7.

1.  Run one race per month that is at least 5k distance

Last year, I decided I needed to start exercising.  I took a look at my friends and the ones that were consistent about exercising were almost all runners; I figured there must be something about running that kept them motivated, other than the runner’s high.  What I think it is, are the races – there’s always another race around the corner as motivation to keep training and keep going.  So, this year I’m going to do one race a month, and who knows – maybe I’ll even get to a half marathon!

2.  Finish social anxiety CBT work

Most people who know me don’t think I have any problems talking to strangers; sadly, this is patently untrue.  I have a form of social anxiety that makes it difficult for me to talk to strangers, so I come off as aloof at first, although my friends see me as gregarious.   The whole stranger anxiety thing makes things like work functions, parties, or meeting people at bars incredibly difficult, and frustrating.  My therapist gave me a book a year or two ago and it looked promising enough on the first read to go out and buy.  So now I’ve got to go find out where that book went to in this apartment and work through it.  I’m tired of feeling awkward in social situations with strangers.

3.  Go on 10 dates

The stranger anxiety has done me no favors in my dating life.  In fact, everyone I’ve had a relationship with has been someone I’ve known for a while previously as a friend.  I don’t know how to “give the signal” it’s okay to ask me out, mostly because I’m incredibly anxious about the whole thing.  So, this year I’m going to sign up on some dating sites, and make an effort to go on at least 10 dates this year.

4.  Buy a place to live

When I moved back to Chicago, I didn’t have any idea of the neighborhoods and where I wanted to live.  I’ve been living in a great place that’s nice, has good parking and a fenced in back yard for the dog.  But it’s mostly a single family area, and you really have to drive to get most places.  So, I’ve contacted my realtor and am going to start house hunting for the elusive townhome in the Lincoln Square or Roscoe Village area; hopefully I get this all wrapped up by the time my lease expires in April!

5.  Complete 366 photo project

I’ve tried doing the 365 photo-a-day project before and got frustrated and gave up about 3 months through, because it was so much trouble uploading to flickr, uploading to blogger, et cetera, et cetera.  Enter in the fabulous Kat, who did her 365 project all with her iPhone.  I picked her brain and am unrepentantly stealing her methodology (and blogger theme) and starting off on the project myself, complete with one extra BONUS DAY, thanks to leap year.

6.  Organize 6 brunches

Last year I started organizing Ladies who Brunch as a way to get together with some of my women friends and enjoying my favorite meal. I was hoping to get a brunch a month organized, but I think managed only about 4 or 5. This year, I’d like to aim for once every other month, and look for new places where I can eat brunch in my new sugar-free, refined-sugar free, vegan eating ways. Now, that doesn’t mean we’ll only be going to Vegan places – as long as they have something I can eat, I’ll be fine.  But, since I am organizing this rodeo, I’m sure we’ll be going to a couple vegan/vegetarian places.

7.  Go to church once a month

Since I moved to this apartment, I haven’t really been going to church as much as I used to.  The church that is close by really was suited to families than single folks, and so I went for a while, but just couldn’t continue.  All the other Episcopal churches nearby are not really near by – and parking is a hassle.  It’s almost easier to go to the church I grew up at, and used to go to, in the burbs.  It’s only 30 min on a Sunday morning, but it’s about a 90 min round trip on weeknights if any other functions go on, and what I miss most about going to a church is the sense of community, along with the spiritual fit-ness.  Maybe the move will get me closer to a satisfactory church, but I’ll at least start going once a month this year.

Happy New Year everyone!


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  1. I have dealt with social anxiety as well. Here is how I overcame/ dealt with it. First of all, there are certain traits in your personality that cannot be changed for good. For example, i am an introvert, but after talking to enough people i can become quite extroverted. This of course, doesn’t last, but i know how to get in this state if i wanted to. I decided go out almost every day and talk to at least one or two strangers. On the weekends i would go to bars and talk to people. The way to overcome fear at a bar is to build momentum. Right when you arrive at the bar you need to start talking with someone. Make it a small interaction and move on to the next person. keep doing this and before you know it you will have social momentum and be feeling amazing! I strongly recommend NOT drinking while doing this. If you want to change, you need to change naturally. Do this for 30 days and see how you feel

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