Okay, I was wrong, I can admit it

Image via EW.com

During dinner the other night, I told BG that I did not think The Unusuals, the new show that came out Wednesday was going to be any good, because Amber Tamblyn was being totally cast against type.  I mean, she wasn’t talking to God or wearing miracle pants, right?

I finally caught the episode last night and was pleasantly surprised at the entertainment level.  Turns out Tamblyn really isn’t being cast against type: she’s a quirky park avenue princess who turns her back on that life to become a cop, doing her stint in vice as a hooker.  She ends up getting promoted to the 2nd squad homicide division aka “The Unusuals”, which prompts the best line of the night when she gets asked if she always wears 3 inch heels to work: “Hey, I was a hooker up until 10 minutes ago.”


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